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The Double Ninth Festival

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The Double Ninth Festival

The Double Ninth Festival, the annual the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar day, is a traditional festival of the chinese nation.

In ancient times, there were customs of climbing high to pray for

blessings, visiting chrysanthemums in autumn, wearing dogwood, offering sacrifices to gods and ancestors, and feasting for longevity.

So far, it has added the connotation of respecting the elderly, enjoying

the feast high on the day of the Double Ninth Festival, and being grateful to the elderly.

Appreciation of the autumn and gratitude for respecting the elderly are two important themes of today's Double Ninth Festival.

1.go to the high

Chongyang Festival first has the custom of climbing high. In September, the golden autumn, the weather is high and refreshing. This season, climbing high is expected to achieve the goal of relaxation and happiness, fitness and disease elimination.

7-The Double Ninth Festival-1 Chongyang cake

The custom of eating Chongyang cakes is related to climbing. Gaohe Cake homonym, as a festival food, was originally intended to celebrate the harvest of autumn grain and enjoy the new grain. After that, the people had the auspicious meaning of climbing the mountain to eat cakes and taking steps to climb the mountain.

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On the Double Ninth Festival, there has always been the custom of enjoying chrysanthemums, so it has been called chrysanthemum festival since ancient times. The lunar calendar is commonly known as the chrysanthemum month in September, and the chrysanthemum conference is held at the festival. Since the Three Kingdoms and Wei Jin Dynasties, Chung Yeung has been drinking and appreciating chrysanthemums for poetry. In ancient Han customs, hrysanthemums   symbolize longevity.

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4.drink chrysanthemum wine 

On the Double Ninth Festival, the traditional custom of drinking

chrysanthemum wine is in China. Chrysanthemum wine is regarded as the "auspicious wine" in ancient times, which is "Chongyang must drink" and "dispel calamity and pray for blessing".

7-The Double Ninth Festival-8

5.Cornus officinalis 

In ancient times, the custom of 99 Cornus officinalis was also popular, so it was also called "Zhuyu Festival". Fructus Corni can be used to make wine,keep fit and remove disease. The introduction of Fructus Corni and hairpin chrysanthemum was very common in the Tang Dynasty. Fructus Corni has strong fragrance, which has the function of repelling insects, removing dampness and inducing wind evil, and can eliminate food accumulation and treat cold and heat.

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