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What is a T-nut?

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What is a T-nut?

1、 What is a T-nut

Nut is a kind of part that is screwed together with a bolt or screw rod with a nut for fastening. According to different uses in manufacturing machinery, the same element can be divided into several categories according to different materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, etc. T-nut is a kind of nut that looks like t. T-nuts are not only easy to install and unload, but also easy to install parts at any position, which can greatly improve labor productivity, which is also the reason why T-nuts can be widely used in T-grooves of various milling machines.

T nuts

2、 Processing process of T-nut

The screws are produced by the red satin process. After heat treatment, the grade is 8.8. The general practice is to use the mold pressing plate bolts. The T-shaped screws can usually be directly put into the grooves. During the installation process, the screws can be automatically positioned and locked. Generally, the T-shaped bolts are often used with the legal blue nuts. The T-shaped nuts are the standard connecting fasteners when installing the corner pieces. It is necessary to select the T-shaped bolts according to the groove width of the profile.

T nuts

1. Material technical requirements of nuts: easy cutting steel is often used for manufacturing, and the maximum content of sulfur in nuts is 0.30%; The maximum content of phosphorus is 0.11%; The maximum content of lead is 0.35%.

2. Sometimes, in order to improve the mechanical properties of nuts, alloy elements can be added appropriately. Grade 10 and grade 12 nuts shall be hardened and tempered.

3. Thread: in the mass production of threads, most of them adopt the thread rolling process. Among them, Down's thread is a thread type in which two kinds of spiral lines, left-hand thread and right-hand thread, are combined on the same thread section at the same time. This can be matched with both left-hand thread and right-hand thread.

4. Bolt heads are usually made by rolling.

5. The machining tool is divided into coarse turning tool and fine turning tool. The nut should be sharpened with the blade tip to make it as sharp as possible Increase the speed of the machine, and pay attention to reducing the allowance for finishing.

T nuts

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