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What is the difference between hex bolts and socket head screws?

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What is the difference between hex bolts and socket head screws?


Hex bolts are widely used in many industries, but when are external hexagon screws used? 

What occasions are hexagon socket screws used?

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What's the difference between them?

1. The thread of the hex head bolts is generally fine tooth ordinary thread, and the spiral thread ordinary thread hex head screw has better self-pinning ability, mainly used for covering parts or under shock, vibration or alternating load occasions. Its own advantage is that the preload contact area is large, and a large preload force can be used. It is generally used on large equipment, and the price is lower than that of the inner hexagon.

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2. Hexagon socket screws are often used in machinery. They mainly have the advantages of being easy to fasten, disassemble, and not easy to slip angles. Its advantages are that the screw head (the force position of the wrench) is thinner than the inner hexagon, and some places can be replaced by the inner hexagon. of. Machines with low external cost, low power strength and low precision requirements use much less hexagon socket screws than external hexagon screws. The advantage of the inner hexagon is that it occupies a small space, and can be used as a countersunk head, a cylindrical head, etc., and is generally used on small equipment.

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