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What types of rivet nuts?

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What types of rivet nuts?

Common riveting nuts include pressure riveting standoffs, riveting nuts, pull riveting nuts, and waterproof rivet nuts.

1. Pressure riveting standoff

Press riveting means that in the process of riveting, under the external pressure, the pressure riveting part causes the plastic deformation of the base material, and squeezes it into the special 

prefabricated groove in the riveting screw and nut structure, so as to realize the reliable connection of the two parts. There are two kinds of non-standard nuts for pressure riveting, one is the 

pressure riveting standoff, and the other is the pressure riveting nut.


2. Riveting nut

Riveting refers to the way in which part of the material of the riveting screw or nut undergoes plastic deformation under the action of external force during the riveting process, and forms 

a tight fit with the base material, thereby achieving a reliable connection between the two parts.

The riveting process is relatively simple and the connection strength is relatively low. It is usually used in the case where the height of the fastener is limited and the torque is not large.


3. Blind rivet nuts

Pull riveting refers to the plastic deformation of the riveted parts under the action of external tension during the riveting process. The connection with the base material is realized 

by this riveting form.

Pull riveting uses a special riveting gun for riveting, which is mostly used when the installation space is small and general riveting tooling cannot be used, such as closed pipes.


4. Waterproof rivet nut

The specifications of the waterproof nut are serialized, which can meet various design requirements and can effectively prevent the entry of external substances. The rod part of 

the product can be used as other parts to install the positioning rod.


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