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What's the advantages of Socket screws?

Tyd: 2022-12-30 Treffers: 2

What's the advantages of Socket screws?

1. The screw head of the inner hexagon screw is round outside, and the middle is a concave hexagon. Such a structure can bear more load. It has six force surface, compared with only two flat and cross screw more withstand the screw.

Note: The material of socket screws of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, and other types of screws, there is basically no difference in the material, the higher the performance level, the greater the strength, the choice of screws, must be strictly according to the requirements of the use of suitable performance levels of screws, grades are different, the price is not the same.


2, can be buried in processing. That is, the whole nut is sunk into the workpiece, which can keep the workpiece surface smooth and beautiful.

pan flat head socket screws

3, easy installation. Compared with the outer hexagon screws, the inner hexagon is suitable for more assembly occasions, especially the narrow occasions, so it is very convenient for assembly and maintenance, debugging is also convenient.

knurled socket screws

4, not easy to disassemble. We usually use tools such as screw wrench, screwdriver and wrench, and special wrench must be used to remove hex bolts, so it is not easy to disassemble, which is also a benefit.

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