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The manufacturing process of welding nuts

Час: 2021-10-19 Переглядів: 3

The manufacturing process of welding nuts:

Weld nuts are designed and engineered to be welded to another metallic object, providing high strength fastening 

capabilities in restricted or limited space areas. Weld nuts are available in numerous sizes, shapes, thicknesses, 

and configurations. Depending on the application, welding nuts can be sometimes be used as a substitute

 for standard mechanically clinched fastener products. 

The generally thicker design of a hex weld nut makes it ideal for heavy duty applications, 

in place of a tab nut that is typically used for lighter jobs.


Weld nuts form extremely strong bonds. However, due to the necessary welding process, 

welding nuts are not plated for corrosion protection; 

subsequent painting or plating processes would be required to protect the assembly

 from corrosion after the welding process has been completed.


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