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Cold forge for auto parts

China custom Stainless Steel Allen Hex Socket Head Cap Screws SS304 Hollow hexagon socket screws banjo bolts

Size: M2-M36

Manufacturing standard: ISO, GB, JIS, DIN, BS and ANSI standards, or drawings provided by customers.

Materials: iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper, stainless steel, plastics, high-temperature alloy, copper alloy, nickel-base alloy, high-strength alloy, corrosion-resistant alloy, etc.

Process: cold heading, punching, turning, milling, wire cutting,  etc.

Treatment/Finishing: Brushing、Anodizing、Zinc Plated、Nickel Plated、Sn Plated

Requirements: No Burrs、Scratches、Dents、Pits

Application: Electrical Appliances、Communication Devices、Medical Devices、Auto Parts

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1)cnc turned parts  Material: carbon steel/ stainless steel;etc        

2)We manufacture metal parts according to customers' designs;        

3)We can offer material certification, test report and related surface-treatment report;etc        

4)cnc turned parts Process: CNC machining, Milling, drilling, Turning;        

5)cnc turned parts Surface finish: Sand Blasting, Anodizing, Powder coating;etc        

6)Products shown on the website are OEM ;        

7))Customized designs are welcome ;        

8)cnc auto parts OEM/ODM orders are welcome;        


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