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Cold forge for auto parts

chrome plated steel titanium wheel nuts and bolts

Item: chrome plated steel titanium wheel nuts and bolts

Size: M12*1.25, M12*1.5, M14*1.5, M14*1.25, etc.

Manufacturing standard: ISO, GB, JIS, DIN, BS and ANSI standards, or drawings provided by customers.

Materials: iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper, stainless steel, plastics, corrosion-resistant alloy, etc.

Process: cold heading, punching, turning, milling, wire cutting, laser cutting, grinding,Insulation,Welding,Riveting,etc.

Treatment/Finishing: Brushing、Anodizing、Zinc Plated、Nickel Plated、Sn Plated

Requirements: No Burrs、Scratches、Dents、Pits

Application: Auto Parts

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This kind of lug nut or wheel nut is a fastener, specifically a nut, used to secure a 

wheel on a vehicle. Typically, lug nuts are found on automobiles, trucks (lorries), 

and other large vehicles using rubber tires.

The material is steel,  and rust is prevented by electroplating on the outer surface.

We can do much better in anti-rust with chrome than many other factory. Because 

our salt spray test can be 72 hours or even more.

Anti-rust treatment and inspection

We choose advanced electroplating production line to make sure lug nut with better plating quality.

And we will sampling inspection every batch of wheel lug nuts by salt sprary test machine.

Grade  Test

We will sampling inspection every batch of wheel lug bolts.

To make sure that 35K or SCM435 product can be grade 8.8 or 10.9.


We choose good quality steel to make sure the wheel lug nuts and bolt can be much more safety.

Thread Size
1/2-20, M12*1.25, M12*1.5, M14*1.5, M14*1.25, 9/16-18, etc.
Surface Treatment

Chrome,  Zinc, Electrophoretic, Dacromet, etc.

GradeUsually Grade 6  or  Customize Grade 8

Salt Spray Test( Rust Protection Test)

72 hours or even more  

Why choose us

1) Offering video and photos with details freely during production.

2) Producing according to the accuracy of drawings, assembly measurement

 to detect function and strict quality control to ensure 0 return rate

3)99% orders can be ensured delivery time

4) The materials we use are optimal

5) 24 hours online service

6) The competitive factory price with the same quality and service

7) The most suitable packing method to different products.

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