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Wood Screws For Wood Blackd Drywall Screw In China Manufacturer Custom

self tapping wood screws
The advantage of wood screws is thatthe consolidation ability is strongerthan the nail connection, and it can beremoved and replaced, which is less harmfulto the wood surface and more convenient to use
screw anchor for wood
Wood screws are strong, hold well,versatile, and easy to use.
Drywall Screw For Wood Black Phosphated Dry Wall Screw Galvanized Drywall Screw

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Our Advantages
1、 Quality defective rate is 50PPM.
2、 ISO 9001 & IATF16949 certified.
3、 15+ years manufacturing experience.
4、 Have rich experience to cooperated with famous brand , like Porsche 、Tesla、Volvo 、Valeo、Paccar...
5、 Providing certificate such as PPAP Level3 、RoHS、MSDS、IMDS etc.
6、 Generally Production lead time is 15 days or even less.
Product Description
Stainless Steel,Carbon steel,Brass,Aluminum or as your requirements
M1-M36,or non-standard as request&design
Carbon Steel, Alloy steel, Brass ,Stainless steel,etc
ISO,GB,DIN,JIS,ANSI/ASME,BSW,Non-standard. or base on the Drawings or Samples
ISO9001,ISO14001,IATF16949, ROHS
Surface treatment
zinc plated,Ni-plated,Passivated,Black Oxide,Bronze
OEM Customized Service Provided
Automobile, aviation, new energy, high-speed rail
Cartons+plastic Bags
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wood screws
Wood screws, commonly made ofstainless steel,carbon steel,brass,bronze, steel, or stainless steel, areused to drill into wood.
Wood screws, also known as wood screws, are also similar to machine screws, but the thread on the screw is a special thread for wood screws, which can be directly screwed into a wooden component (or part) and used to put a metal (or non- Metal) parts are tightly connected to a wooden component. This connection is also detachable. The advantage of wood screws is that the consolidation ability is stronger than the nail connection, and it can be removed and replaced, which is less harmful to the wood surface and more convenient to use.
black wood screws
Wood screws are specifically designedfor connecting wood to wood. Theyusually require pre-drilled holes.
wood fasteners
Wood screws are mainly used for secureconnection of wooden materials. They workwith chipboard,MDF, softwood and hardwood.

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