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Turning for electrical appliances

Thread insert high-quality customized brass thread insert nut


Size: M4,M6,M8,customized

Manufacturing standard: ISO, GB, JIS, DIN, BS and ANSI standards, or drawings provided by customers.

Materials: iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper, stainless steel, plastics, high-temperature alloy, copper alloy, nickel-base alloy, high-strength alloy, corrosion-resistant alloy, etc.

Process: cold heading, punching, turning, milling, wire cutting, laser cutting, grinding,Insulation,Welding,Riveting,etc.

Treatment/Finishing: Brushing、Anodizing、Zinc Plated、Nickel Plated、Sn Plated

Requirements: No Burrs、Scratches、Dents、Pits

Application: Electrical Appliances、Communication Devices、Medical Devices、Auto Parts

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Commercial residential buildings, metro stations, railway stations, airports, kinds 

of transportation tunnels, supermarkets, thermal power plants, terminals, oil depots, 

large warehouses and industrial and mining enterprises, etc.

Product Types

At present, the main specifications and types of copper inserts are embodied in 20 categories, including mobile phone nuts, embossed nuts, hot-pressed nuts, embedded nuts, insert nuts, ultrasonic nuts, injection nuts, copper sleeves, copper cups, precision shafts and non-standard screws and nuts, which have tens of thousands of specifications. Copper inserts are used for parts with different requirements.

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