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How is the bushing used?

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How is the bushing used?

Bushing is a commonly used auxiliary component for pipeline connection, which can play a role in

 anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, and shock absorption. Different types and specifications of 

pipelines require different liner sizes


ow to use the bushing:

1. Choose the appropriate bushing

When selecting bushings, consideration should be given to factors such as pipeline material, 

medium, temperature, pressure, etc. Generally speaking, different types and specifications of 

bushings are suitable for different pipeline connection methods, such as flanges, threads, welding,


2. Install the bushing

When installing the bushing, first clean and inspect the interior for foreign objects and damage, 

and then connect the bushing to the pipeline according to the pipeline connection method.

3. Maintenance Bushing

During use, the condition of the bushing should be checked regularly. If any odor, discoloration, 

corrosion or other phenomena are found, they should be replaced immediately. Regularly clean 

the inside of the liner to keep it dry and clean.

In short, selecting appropriate bushings and correctly installing and maintaining them can 

effectively protect pipeline connections and their surrounding environment, and improve the 

service life of pipelines.



The usage method and size specification table of the bushing can help people choose the

appropriate bushing, correctly install and maintain the bushing, thereby protecting the pipeline

 connection and its surrounding environment, and improving the service life of the pipeline.


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