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How to install the bearing shaft steps?

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  On bicycles, there are three common types: steel, aluminum alloy, and titanium alloy. Currently, 

some bicycle manufacturers are also using carbon fiber screws.


The steps to install the bearing shaft are as follows:

Step 1:is to open and clean the five way thread. Otherwise, the center shaft bowl may not be

 able to be screwed in. When it cannot be screwed in, do not forcefully screw it in, otherwise the

 five way thread will be crushed. Once the thread breaks, the entire frame will be damaged, so be


Step 2: When it cannot be screwed in, step back and clean the thread before screwing in! Never 

use brute force.

Step 3:is usually to install the right axis bowl first, because the right axis bowl is connected to the


Step 4, the center shaft bowl on the right is counter threaded and tightened counterclockwise! 

First, use your hand to spin a little bit in! Then use a square wrench to twist the center shaft bowl

 in! When the screw is in place, use a wrench to tighten it a bit! To avoid loosening!

Step 5, the left center shaft bowl is threaded clockwise! The threads of the two center shaft bowls 

are different! Pay special attention when dismantling! The direction of the left axis bowl is 

clockwise and tightened! Don't make a mistake!


The central shaft acts as a conversion interface, allowing the frame and teeth to transmit our energy in the way we expect. So, the central axis is not only about the tooth plate, but also about the frame

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