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  Mountain bikes are bicycles designed specifically for off-road travel (hills, trails, wilderness, and gravel roads). They were born in San Francisco on the West Coast of the United States in 1977.


Wheel system

The wheel system consists of a hub (axle), spokes, wheels, inner tubes, and outer tubes. Among 

them, the hub, spoke, and rim form a wheel group, which is the key to determining whether the

 bicycle rolls smoothly. Additionally, when replacing these accessories, it is important to pay 

attention to the size to prevent the two ends from not falling properly.

The transmission system of a bicycle includes a pedal, a crank, a toothed disc, a central shaft,

 a chain, and a flywheel. The most well-known ones among them are the tooth plate and flywheel.

 Below, Xiaodi will talk about them in detail.

Flywheels are wheel shaped accumulators with large rotational inertia installed on the machine's 

rotating shaft. When the machine speed increases, the kinetic energy of the flywheel increases, 

storing energy; When the machine speed decreases, the kinetic energy of the flywheel decreases,

 releasing energy. Flywheels can be used to reduce speed fluctuations during mechanical operation.


At that time, a group of young people who were passionate about riding beach bikes to play on the slopes suddenly thought, "It would be very interesting to ride a bike down the mountain." So they began designing off-road bicycles, officially named mountain bikes two years later. From then on, "downhill competition" emerged as a new sport in sports competitions. Athletes rode mountain bikes to slide down the prescribed downhill route at high speeds, and the faster one won, attracting numerous enthusiasts. Although bicycles originated in Europe, the mountain bike invented by Americans has swept away the traditional concept of bicycles and swept a new trend around the world. Nowadays, it has become more and more popular among young Chinese people as a healthy and fashionable sport

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