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Team building of going rafting

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On August 31, 2019, the second month of the new journey in the second half of the year, the annual tourism season of the Chuanghe Group was also ushered in. The Chuanghe team off to travel and expand in Qingyuan,Guangdong. Use the beauty of nature to liberate employees' physical and mental stress, and at the same time boost team confidence through team building!In the early morning of August 31, the elites of the Chuanghe team concentrated on going to Qingyuan, China's excellent tourist city and the hometown of Chinese hot springs.

Everyone has a dream of serving their motherland, so we come to play field games.

After feeling the thrill of the glass canyon, everyone came to a dynamic international arena - Gulongxia full drift.
This project is a thrilling activity, with a maximum drop of nearly 3 meters along the road. Experience the whole process,or marvel at your bravery. When you are immersed in this game, you don't feel scared. Just keep in mind the safety laws, don't rely on the kayak, don't understand the helmet, grab the rope, and get safe and complete.
Two people a group of rafting, exciting and happy, we will meet people do not know, but it doesn't matter, we splash water together, attack together, laugh together.

The two-stage trip went down, making the team happy and learning a lot of team knowledge.
There is no sense of tiredness of travel, through the rest of Sunday.
Chuanghe Group employees went to work with a passionate attitude and completed their annual goals for this year.

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