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The main function of lock washers

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Threaded fastener are commonly used to connect and secure two or more objects.

This connection structure is very effective, but due to vibration, Temperature cycling,

 wear and other reasons, the threaded connection will become loose over time. Lock 

pad black is a type of fastener used to prevent loosening of threaded connections.


There are several different types and sizes of lock washers, such as spring lock washers, elastic 

lock washers and double tooth face lock washers, which are widely used in machinery 

manufacturing, rail transit, aerospace and other fields. In many structural applications, loose 

connections may pose significant safety hazards.


Method of locking washer: When using the locking washer, the inner wing of the locking diagram should be installed into the groove of the shaft, and the outer wing should be bent and tightly attached to the outer edge of the nut. If the inner or outer wings are damaged or cracked, they are absolutely not allowed to be reused. The locking pad used for important parts is only allowed to be used once. Fitted with a nut on a bolt, the function is similar to a spring washer.


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