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The specific use of different hex nuts

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The specific use of different hex nuts

Hexagon nuts are used in conjunction with bolts and screws to connect and tighten parts. Among them, type 1 hexagon nuts are the most widely used. Grade C nuts are used for machines, equipment or structures with rough surfaces and low precision requirements; Grade A and B nuts are used for machines with relatively smooth surfaces and high precision requirements. , Equipment or structure. The thickness M of the type 2 hexagon nut is thicker, and it is mostly used in occasions that often need to be assembled and disassembled. The thickness M of the hexagonal thin nut is relatively thin, and it is mostly used in occasions where the surface space of the connected parts is restricted.

Hex nuts are used as follows:
1. Ordinary external hexagon-widely used, characterized by a relatively large tightening force, the disadvantage is that there must be enough operating space during installation. You can use adjustable wrenches or open-end wrenches during installation, or wrenches above glasses wrenches. Large operating space.

7)内容The specific use of different hex nuts-hexbolt
2. Cylinder head hexagon socket-is the most widely used of all screws, because it has a relatively large tightening force, it can be operated with an internal hexagon wrench, and it is very convenient to install. It is almost used in various structures, and the appearance is more beautiful and tidy. The disadvantage is that the tightening force is slightly lower than that of the outer hexagon, and repeated use can easily damage the inner hexagon and make it impossible to disassemble.


3. Pan-head hexagon socket-rarely used mechanically, the mechanical performance is the same as above, mostly used in furniture, the main function is to increase the contact surface with wooden materials and increase the ornamental appearance.


4. Headless inner hexagon-must be used in some structures, such as the top wire structure that requires a large tightening force, or where the cylindrical head needs to be hidden.
5. Countersunk internal hexagon-mostly used in power machinery, the main function is the same as the internal hexagon. 7)内容The-specific-use-of-different-hex-nuts-flatsocketscrew

6. Nylon lock nut-inlay nylon rubber ring in the hexagonal surface to prevent the thread from loosening, and it is used on strong power machinery.7)内容The-specific-use-of-different-hex-nuts-nylonlocknut

7. Flange nuts-mainly play the role of increasing the contact surface with the workpiece, mostly used in pipelines, fasteners and some stamping parts and casting parts.7)内容The-specific-use-of-different-hex-nuts-flangenut


8. Ordinary external hexagon nuts-the most versatile and one of the most common fasteners in general.


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