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What is a welding screw?

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What is a welding screw?

Welding screws are also known as energy storage screws, bolt welding studs, or welding studs. Welding screws are used in a relatively small range, and are only used in the sheet metal industry and in factories that produce chassis bodies. Although the purpose of welding screws and pressure riveting screws is the same, the principle of use is very different. The pressure riveting screw is fixed by its own locking knurled teeth, while the welding screw has a small butt-welded point on the head of the screw, and the screw is welded to the sheet metal by spot welding technology to make it fixed. An external thread, so it is called a welding screw.

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This kind of welding nail is divided into two types: external thread welding nail and internal thread welding nail according to the thread. According to the type, it is divided into two types: headed and headless. According to the material, it is divided into carbon steel copper-plated, stainless steel, copper and aluminum.

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Material 304 stainless steel spot welding screw, its use object can only be used on 304 plate, this needs attention, if it is used on different materials, its welding performance is also different, and sometimes it will be loose. The 316 stainless steel spot welding screws can only be used on 316 stainless steel plates.

The material is carbon steel with a layer of copper plated on the surface. The reason for copper plating is not only to make the welding screws beautiful, but because it is easier to solder firmly after copper plating. There is a small protruding point on the head of this copper-plated welding screw. This point is welding. This point is connected to the sheet metal, and the high temperature generated by arc welding is used to melt this point and form a whole with the sheet metal. Carbon steel copper-plated welding screws can only be used on carbon steel sheet, which is the characteristic of welding screws, and it is best to install on the same material.

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