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Customized Trapezoidal Thread Shaft Lead Screw and bearing steel ball nut

•Item: 3D printer 2510 ball screw nut 

•Material: Steel、Brass、Aluminum、Stainless Steel

•Process: CNC Machining、Milling

•Requirements: No Burrs、Scratches、Dents、Pits

•Application: Electrical Appliances、Auto Parts

•packaging:bulk+carton+pallet ,small box+carton+box

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◆ High Precision

◆ Heavy Load

◆ High efficiency and reversibility

Ball Screw that achieves low noise, small torque fluctuations and long-term maintenance-free 

operation by using a ball cage.

Product nameLead screw
AccurancyGrade C7,C5,C3
Manufacturing ProcessRolled Thread
Length10-6000mm(Custmized )
StructureBall screw + nut + steel ball
TypeCNC Machine Ball Lead Screw
Applicable IndustriesMachinery
Main proudctsT5 T6 T8 T10 T12 stainless steel Trapezoidal screw lead screw,etc
Linear bearing,linear shaft,slide block,bearing support
Linear guide,ball screw,cylindrical guide,linear stage
Coupling,rod end,stepper motor and so on

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