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Laser Screening VS Traditional Manual Screening

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Laser Screening VS Traditional Manual Screening

The advantages of laser screening machine compared with traditional manual methods are as follows: 

Improve detection efficiency: 

With the development and upgrading of industry, the requirements for product size and appearance are also higher. If the artificial long inspection is used, eye fatigue easily leads to low efficiency and low accuracy of product detection.

Improving the accuracy of inspection: 

Replacing artificial vision with optical screening machine can greatly improve production efficiency and inspection accuracy, and reduce labor costs. And hardware parts tend to be customized and precise. Customers demand higher and higher quality and accuracy of parts. The application of laser screening machine to solve this limitation has been relatively difficult to rely on manual testing.

Reduce the rate of defective shipment: 

present, our company uses automatic screening machine equipment instead of manual testing, greatly reducing human detection errors, reducing the rate of poor delivery, reducing customer problems, thereby improving work efficiency, improving product delivery quality, enhancing product competitiveness and saving labor costs.

The Laser screening machine can detect screws,nuts,turning parts,milling parts,standoffs,spacers,washers,shafts etc.

The function of Optical Screening Machine:

1.It can simultaneously detect size, appearance, depth, and mixtures of different materials or heat treatment, image screening equipment, heat treatment hardness are up to standard.

2. It can be used independently by eddy current and has many bad outlets. It can separate the bad size from the bad material hardness.

3. The fastest screening of 300-1200 PCS per minute.

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